Capturing the Rawness

Capturing the Rawness

My Story Starts Here

How I Work...

We start at the doorstep and head out. Out into the natural world, with its pure light and abundance of effortless beauty... for the gorgeous rolling charm of Devon is in my blood and the vibrancy of Morocco is in my soul. These two elements bring a contrast and a worldliness to my work.

I let my creativity, my skill in framing and my mastery of light unobtrusively intensify what I capture without overpowering or diluting it: with a sense of fun and a relaxed attitude - often while you don’t even notice it - I snap and gather those transcendent glimpses where the subject truly shines.

Photography is Poetry

My Philosophy

All art is the act of taking a fleeting moment and preserving it; skillfully accentuating the humanity and the stories hiding in that one instant.
I don’t believe in staged reality. I don’t orchestrate people or items in the same tired poses and against the same clichéd backdrops, otherwise I’d miss that golden opportunity - when the fake smile drops and I can capture the raw uniqueness of my subject.

Using the light

I create a picture that uses simple, timeless, natural elements to highlight the essence of what it means to really be that subject. Be it a brand, a product, or a person, I celebrate their particular journey and spirit in the print we make together.

Photography is something we do together. I’m not just an eye but also an ear; I listen to your authentic self and recreate it visually. I feel it is a privilege to be there with you on this adventure as we make something that will outlast even memories.

"The Earth is art, the photographer is the witness"

—yann Arthus-BERTRAND...