The story of a photographer

This passion started at the age of 16 and I’ve not stopped since; developing insight from working alongside a leading photographer and out there working in every aspect of the photographic industry.

This first love never left as I met my husband, started our surf-camp business in Morocco, and started our family: two gorgeous boys. If anything, life rose up to meet my passion. Images of love, family and adventure – these are the photos we all have and treasure most.

The years spent on the sands between the rocky outcrops of Devon cliffs and the deep red of the Sahara have given me a wanderlust and devotion to nature. Be it the cold swell of the Atlantic or the warm waves on the sheltered white sands of Morocco, I am at my happiest using these wonders as my backdrop.

This devotion is the reason why I’m so excited to offer my expertise in a Moroccan destination package. I’m offering decades of insider know-how: from the complexities of African light to the best hidden locations; Marrakesh to the Atlas Mountains and even deep south into the majestic Sahara, the adventure to craft the right photograph knows no bounds.

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Cove Vodka

Emma’s role in our business is so much more than just taking photos. Right from before we launched she shared our vision for the brand and has chosen settings and accessories to capture the essence of the brand and reflect the wonderful area we live in. Her photographs are amazing every single time. I am always delighted with them as they reflect our vision perfectly and we get great feedback on them from our customers too.


Leanne xx

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